Friday, February 20, 2009

[mom: guess who is the destroyer of this? that make me so so so so angry! ]

tadah! the destroyer! MILKY!!!

in the end, tio lock up by the metal playpen [:

heyhey to all my ddddddddoooooooooooggggggg friend! loong time noo see you all lerhs. bet you all misses me alot right?! hahas. hmm. this few days, stay at home and slp like one pig. everytime my hooman come and see me, i will be slping like a pig -.- hmm. ytd my mom just brought me down to the pet shop to buy something. i was like so happy and excited to run to the pet shop, but then this malays, said that i'm fierce ]: am i fierce?! hmm. oh yahs, remember that day my hooman come back from her piano lesson, she saw this schnauzer couple [: [mom,: they are so adorable and well behaved unlike you!] my hooman touches them and the owner say if they hav a schnauzer pups, they will pass one to my mom! and meaning, i got a sibling?! OHMYDOG! when mom got home, i got so angry because she played with other dog so i messed up the whole place with pee and poo and newspaper everywhere. [MOM: ehs, you are not angry, you are JEALOUS!!!!! HAHAS!] ): evil mom. nowaday, my hooman keep on beating me, cos i didnt pee at the right place. i always make marking everywhere in the kitcchen! [: but in the end, tio beat ]: oh yahs, mommie wont be updating my blog this few days, cos i overhead mom conversation, saying that mom's grand uncle passed away. ]:

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