Monday, July 27, 2009

alright . that is my mommy . i just love my mommy alot . when she get home , i will always kiss her with my smelly mouth . see , i so sweet right ? (: pawpal , will you kiss your mommy also ? hehes .
and that is me , enjoying the breeze from the window . look at how happy i'm . the wind is so cooooling in the after and evening .

since mommy had just come home , and i'm enjoying the breeze , if there is a tummy rub from my mommy , that will be best . isnt it ? hehes . do i look more like a silky terrier now ? O_O hehes . this is how i look after tummy rub .

a BIG GRIN ! (: look at my happy face ! hahas . pawpal , does you all enjoy your tummy rub like how i enjoy it too ?
mommy call me a penis licker -.- cos she say she always caught me licking my penis =X but i didnt ! i was just turing back . [MOMMY : Milky , stop lying to your pawpal . shame shame on you . ]
alright . finally blogger allow me to upload my picture . hehes . there wont be too much picture for today . but i hope all of you enjoy my picture right ? (: GRINNING . hehes . i overhear mommy saying to aunty ah wenn that they are bringing me to dog farm this sun . hehes . HAPPY HAPPY . but dono whether they mean it mahs ? ): MAMA , MILKY WANNA GO ! hmm . this few days , have been sleeping and sleeping . mama say whenever i sleep , i look cute . hehes . mama , i'm always cute ! just that you didnt notice . (:
alright . blogger doesnt seem to let me upload photos again -.-
do i look like a roasted pig ? my mommy say i look like a roasted pig ): this is my sleeping position . i love to sleep like this . any of my pawpal sleep like this too ? hahas .
there will only be 1 pic today (: cos mommy is lazy to upload my pic . =X hmm . the pimple like substance is still there , the groomer help me to put a anti-fungus medicine on it . i thot is food , but when i taste it , is taste so weird . i don like it . ): MOMMY , MILKY DON LIKE THE TASTE ! ): mommy bath me today . and she say i smell nice ! hehes . !

Saturday, July 25, 2009

alright . seem like blogger really making me angry -.- cant upload photos , cant do anything . weird blogger . sorry to all my pawpal that i cant upload any picture . but i will try to upload soon (: hehes . that day my mommy brought me t the pet farm . it was so fun . i enjoy myself there . but then my mommy seem to be very evil there . =X hahas . but thanks mommy . i came home very tired and shag . oh yahs . mommy say i have a pimple like substance at my lip/mouth there , can anyone tell me wad is it ?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

that me , in the middle of the night =X does it look scary O_O
ehs , sorry for my mommy fatty leg =X Oh my , she gonna kill me for saying she have fatty leg =X I love lying down on my mommy legs . it seem like cushion to me . does my pawpal think so too ? (: hehes .
mommy spotted me eating my treats on my mommy's daddy army socks =X Opps . But , i didnt get scolded . hehes . =X
HEY ! I'm back ! does anyone misses me ? hehes . mommy say my skin is getting better . but still , there is still some dead skin on my body . Oh yahs , SANTA , my mommy doesnt know which apple cider vinegar to buy . Can you pls tell my dumb dumb mommy more detail . Hehes . (:

Monday, July 6, 2009

hehes . I'M BACK ! (: can see my smile ?
Mommy say i look fat ? am i ? O_O has my fur grow ? ):
Ehs , that is my sis with her pouty lips (: am me staring at , i-dono-wad too =X
hey hey , i'm back ! photos are also back here lerhs ! how do i look now ? (: handsome =X mommy wanna buy the apple cidar vinegar for me , as it was introduce by santa . Mommy wanna see whether is it okay for my skin (: As my allergies/dead skin is getting abit worst . Mommy will take a photos of it soon (; hehes . thanks everyone for the help ! (:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Can anyone help me ? Heard mommy say that i have alot of dead skin on my body . Does anyone have ways to get rid of it ? Mommy say she need to bath me more often , cos the dead skin have a weird smell . Does anyone have any ways to get rid of it ? Can help my mommy ? *Flashing innocent eyes . *