Monday, March 30, 2009

hello my doggie fren (: i have receive a pink roses from the sweety bellbell (: thanks alot ! (:
Pink Roses are given to all friends out there, bringing them a sweet and fruitful day. Those who receive this roses as a gift, you need to pass it on to 10 friends of yours to show them you care. And of course, for those who received the roses, that's to show that, you're never been forgotten..Roses are been pass on to:
saltee and vinnie (:
baby vodka (:
the four musketeers (:
toby and tammy (:
zen and patches (:
ebi and emma (:
xiao pang (:
chervo and family (:
scottie (:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

a blur blur picture of me . as my mommie dono how to take a pic of me ! and she took it so ugly . wad a lousy photographer are you .
i just woke up from my slp . and i ignore my ma too . cos today she went to pet farm without me ! and came home without any picture ! and when she came home her hand is full of doggy smell ! hmph !
[ma : hahas . milky is jealous cos he cant go to dog farm today (: ]
[milky : i'm not jealous k ! and you are so bad , leave me alone at home and you go enjoy !]
[ma : is for ur own good k ! if not later you came home with tick again .]

poor me ): hahas . can you all see my sad sad face ? ):
this is the new wet food my ma bought for me ! and is so nice and i love it . this is WISH BONE ! and is consist of REAL meat chunk , GRAIN FREE , and is ALL natural ! nice nice . and yum yum . hahas . no matter how evil my mom is , she still dotes me alot ! wahahahas ! hmm . my doggy friend , you can try this canned food ! is very very very nice ! after eating , i still wish that i have another bowl for it ): *licks !* but ma say i too fat lerhs .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

after grooming (: hehes , lazy bum . -.-
[milky: ma , i not a lazy bum , you are a lazy bum, cos i caught you lying down eating. so umglam lahs !]
[ma : @#$%^%$#@ shh !]
smile smile (: see my handsome smile (:
look into my eyes ! (: i'm adorable milky (:
don wanna look at the cam , cos ma keep on placing her cam at my face !
look at the stupid looks of my ma -.- so unglam . and i'm looking at some cute girlgirl in the com. hehes !
[ma: AH-BISH ! look at girlgirl ! wan die arhs !]
ke lian derhs me. ): saw my sad sad sad sad face ? *pouting*
tadah !
alright . hello my pawpal ! today my ma bring me for grooming . and i'm the first dog ! wahahahas ! cool right . and i'm so happy to see my groomer . but then , i'm so scared of the groomer's dog . i kept on hiding from it , and i saw this cute little maltese . how i wish she is my GF (:
ma : AH -BISH , ask you go grooming , you look at meimei !
me : ma , she is cuter than you lehs , of cos i look at her -.- and you also look at her alright . look till saliva coming out -.-
ma : SHHH ! @#$%^%$#@
alright . after 3 hrs , ma come and pick me up . and i saw this gr at the entrance there . and i'm so scared till i don dare to walk out -.- okay , i'm a scary cat , but ma still dotesme loads ! wahahahas ! (:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hello hello (: i'm milky the silky terrier . mommie food ! *begging for treat *
guess , why am i so happy ??


mommie bought me a new treat ! (: hehes .

i smile to moomie , so i can get treat (:
milky , camera is here . where you looking at ?

milky : mommie mommie ! i wan more tummy rub ! (:
see how ke lian i'm ? ):

see my emo-ing face ):
alright . back here with photo . some only (: cos mommie say that i wasnt a good boy this few days . ): but no matter wad , i knw mommie will dotes on me loads derhs . (: [mom : milky , don so hao lian . later i throw you at the rubbish bin then you knw . ] alright . mommie is evil -.- she muzzle me that day . i didnt do anything nehs . see , i so ke lian . pawpal , scold my mom ! ): [mom: milky, i muzzle you got reason derhs horhs ! cos you keep barking . one more word from ur mouth , i muzzle you liaos ! (: ] how can she like that derhs ? ): alright . pathetic me ):

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

alright. (: i'm back here again . (: hehes . is milky here blogging . mommie is busy with her work training and had no time for me for some time being . but she said , she will buy me alot of treats and toys once she get her pay ! hahas ! i'm so happy ! (: [mommie : ehs , milky , don so hao lian here alright and don pin so high hope as you are so naughty alright ! (: ] that evil mom of mine ): oh yahs , mommie wanted to upload some pic on my blog , but then she dono how to import those picture from her new LG phone . anyone wanna help her pls ? if not my blog will be so wordy with all my mom complaint and nag -.- ppls , pls help my mommie ! (: thanks you ! hehes !

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hey yo my pawpal! [: anyone missing me? there will be no pic for today, as those photos is not with my mom. is with my ah pa [: hmm. today i vomitted ]; mom was so shocked to see that. she thot i'm sick [: today, i hasnt bite my mommy. hahas. good horhs me? [: *cheeky looks* keep my tag board going [: photos will be up soon. hehes~!