Friday, January 30, 2009

hello people. [: i'm back [; my fur has grown.
see, i'm being muzzle by my hooman. arent them so evil? ];
look how sad am i? totally don have the mood to play with them lerhs];

okay. HAPPY NIU YEAR TO ALL MY PAWPAL [: and i'm finally back to blogging liaos. [: okay, i'm being muzzle because of mommie applying the tick medicine for me ]; but, my tick condition is almost alright already [: no worries [: thanks to chevro mommie [; thanks for ur advice. [: erm. sorry for not reply urs tag, cos my mommie have just come to check my blog only. so i reply to all my pawpal here [:
vodka: happy NIU year to you too [: and stay cute and bubbly [:
saltee & vinnie: happy NIU year to you all too [; stay cute and pretty vinnie [: hehes. and hope you collect alot of ang pow from ur family [:
takara pet: hey hey, i hope you a happy new year too. may ur business wang wang. [:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

this pretty girl here, is yuki. she is my girlfren. cute? [:
and that is me ]: so sad right, being lock up in the carrier cage. cos mommie bring me out.

that is me, and see, my fur is growing! [:

yuki! [: hehes.
her again.
her again
see, she don wanna look at the cam, and give mommie this face. orbegood. who ask you wanna lock me up at the cage. ]:
hehes. milky is back! *woof woof* anyone miss milky? hopefully have. [: hmm. this few day, mommie very seldom pei me, cos she is always out with my gf mom, and give me a cold shoulder. so sad right? she went to play with other dog, but not me. ]: [mommie: how you knw i was playing with outher dog? 0.0] mommie, i got a very good nose alright? i can smell the smell on ur hand and ur shirt. ]: if i'm not wrong, mommie is playing with a MS at her friend hse, which called charcol. a female MS. and i'm abit scared of her. hahas. i'm a scardy cat =X hmm. i miss my gf loads. mommie, when are you bringing me there again? i miss her so much like how you miss daddie. };

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

heloo to all my pawpal! [: i'm back to blog. hehes. anyway, that day when mommie pick me to her fren hse, i saw this maltese mixed poodle. [: she is so pretty. and i fallen in love with her. hehes. so when i go home, i whine and cry. ]: i ask mommie to bring me there, but she don wan. ]; hehes. the maltes mixed poodle name is YUKI! [: hahas. se is adorable and pretty. i will ask mommie to post her pic up here soon, as mommie USB cable is spoilt. and yuki cried too. ]: i wanna sayang her!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

see, this is all my new items! collar, toy and the strawberry boney [:
and they are all pink! -.- [milky: mommie loves pink!]
my new pink collar! tadah!

and that is me! my hair has grown. do i look abit handsome now? [:

the pink rope i biting. and i enjoy it.
me and me and me!
tadah. present me, the "handsome" milky. [:
hmm. today, my mommie go and shop formy things. [; she bought me a new collar and also new toys! [; so good of her. but then horhs, why is all my item is pink?! i'm a boy not a girl lehs, mommie. ]: later ppls think that i'm a gay how? ]: (mom: sorry milky, cos i love pink so much that i bought all ur things pink too {:) hmm. see mommie is so ... ... ... but at least she bought something for me lahs. [: thanks mommie. you are not so evil lahs. [: but then, pls, don buy my CNY shirt pink too. i'm a boy horhs. remember arhs!