Sunday, January 4, 2009

see, this is all my new items! collar, toy and the strawberry boney [:
and they are all pink! -.- [milky: mommie loves pink!]
my new pink collar! tadah!

and that is me! my hair has grown. do i look abit handsome now? [:

the pink rope i biting. and i enjoy it.
me and me and me!
tadah. present me, the "handsome" milky. [:
hmm. today, my mommie go and shop formy things. [; she bought me a new collar and also new toys! [; so good of her. but then horhs, why is all my item is pink?! i'm a boy not a girl lehs, mommie. ]: later ppls think that i'm a gay how? ]: (mom: sorry milky, cos i love pink so much that i bought all ur things pink too {:) hmm. see mommie is so ... ... ... but at least she bought something for me lahs. [: thanks mommie. you are not so evil lahs. [: but then, pls, don buy my CNY shirt pink too. i'm a boy horhs. remember arhs!

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