Saturday, January 17, 2009

this pretty girl here, is yuki. she is my girlfren. cute? [:
and that is me ]: so sad right, being lock up in the carrier cage. cos mommie bring me out.

that is me, and see, my fur is growing! [:

yuki! [: hehes.
her again.
her again
see, she don wanna look at the cam, and give mommie this face. orbegood. who ask you wanna lock me up at the cage. ]:
hehes. milky is back! *woof woof* anyone miss milky? hopefully have. [: hmm. this few day, mommie very seldom pei me, cos she is always out with my gf mom, and give me a cold shoulder. so sad right? she went to play with other dog, but not me. ]: [mommie: how you knw i was playing with outher dog? 0.0] mommie, i got a very good nose alright? i can smell the smell on ur hand and ur shirt. ]: if i'm not wrong, mommie is playing with a MS at her friend hse, which called charcol. a female MS. and i'm abit scared of her. hahas. i'm a scardy cat =X hmm. i miss my gf loads. mommie, when are you bringing me there again? i miss her so much like how you miss daddie. };

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