Monday, December 29, 2008

see, how bald i'm now ]: am i awful?
a backview of me chewing my favvourite milk bone [:

demostrate how i hold my boney. cute?hahas

see how i chew my bone. is it abit disgusting?

i continue to chew and chew and chew [:

continue to chew again. non stop.

chew till i have fall asleep [: and i slept with my milk bone [:

hello all my pawpal! how have you all been? anyone miss milky? *woof woof.* ytd mommie brought me to pasir ris pet farm again. saw alot of Schnauzer there. and husky and corgi and shih tzu and alot more. but i kept on sticking to mommie, cos i'm scared. i keep on paw-ing mommie's leg, to ask her and carry me up. cos i don wan to stay on the floor as i'm so scared till my legs are shivering. [mommie: milky is a scary cat! [:] mommie keep on saying i'm a scary cat. sobs sobs! any of my pawpal go pasir ris pet farm nehs? *woof woof* find one day, you may meet milky there. wahahahas. [: see you all soon. and oh yahs, there is this person name brana, and her dog look so alike like me. hahas. [: we look like twin[: is so alike, i tell you [:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

sorry all my pawpal. for not updating photos for so long. as i got no fur now, due to tick. i look so ugly now, but i will ask my mommie to help me take photos for me during christmas day. photo all will be uploaded during christmas. so wait for my photo to be up. and no luahging at me alright? cos i look damn horrible ]: and also MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY PAWPAL!!! STAY CUTE AND BUBBLY!! [:

Monday, December 22, 2008

wahahahas. anyone misses me? i'm back from my emo-ness. [: but i'm still abit sad. till now, mommie haven take any photos for me, cos i don allow her. still the same. and i'm damn sad abt my hair too. everytime when mommie carry me to the mirror, i will stare at the mirror sadly. sobs! there is nth i can do. cos mommie has grounded me. cos she say that time i got tick attack. so for time being, she wont be bring me down, as i'm abit crazy and hairless. ]: she is so evil!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i wont be bloggingq so often nowaday. cos i'm in a very bad mood. because mommie bring me go cut botak!!!! ]: make me so moodless. so whoever go near me, i BITE! whoever take photo of me, i STARE at them fierce and make the FIERCE sound. so mommie will stop taking photo of me. ]: she is so evil. bring me go cut botak. i hate her lahs! ]: SOBS!
milky's mother: this few day, there wont be any photos for milky. cos he is in a very angry and sad mood, which nobody dare to go near him. cos there is tick growing on him so i got no choice but to cut his hair away. so I'M SORRY GUYS!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

17 dec,2:4o PM
milky: ma, can stop taking picture of me? i know i'm cute, but you can don keep taking with me derhs mahs right? and horhs, i don like taking photo, stop forcing me to take can?
milky: ma, I SAY STOP TAKING PHOTOS CAN? i angry liaos okay. you still take, i don wan friend you liaos horhs ]: take that cam away frm me!!!!!!

milky: okay, I"M ANGRY LIAOS! told you not to take, you still take. and you didnt even comb my hair nicely for me, and still wan take a pic liddat. how can you? ANGRY!
okay, ma say that she will take a photo of me later. because i might be going grooming later, if the groomer still got time. cos ma say, there a bug on my body, ma is scared. so no choice lorhs. and i hate grooming can? see the scissor and the shaver, so sharp and i'm so scared. and some big big dog! SCARED!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

15 dec, 3:38 PM
i love to slp
and slp

and slp!!!!
hahas. i love to slp. so most of the time, when mommie wants to find or play with me, i will be slping. [: having my handsome slp! hahas. SLPING IS MY HOBBIE! [: i'm a sleeping beauty. you muz kiss me then i will wake up [: so when mommie disturb me while i'm slping, i will give her a very sad face. ]: and a tiring looks. so she will pat me to slp again. hahas.!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

hmm. milky mommie here. [: oh yahs, milky having some tick or either flea in her paws. and 1 on her body. can anyone tell me wad to do abt it? and i'm so damn scared of creepy crawler. it makes my hair stand!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 dec, 3:08 PM
see my belly. big anot? i'm so fat becuase mommie always feed me so much. she always feed me carrot!
saw that small little ball there? i'm afraid of it.

so i tried to go near the small ball and smell see wad it is. and i trid to use my paw and touch it.

see my innocent face? [: i knw i'm innocent, cos everytime, i does the wrong thingq, i will show mommie this face. then she wont scold me when i do the wrong thingqs or even beat me [:

i love lying flat flat on the floor to. vodka also loves this posture too right? [: hahas. and also saw my fats? hahas.

lying on the floor and eating. this is what i love to do everytime, but mommie will scold me for it.

*snif snif* where is my carrot? i'm smelling to find my carrot. ]:

everytime, after my lunch or dinner, i will definately bug moomie to play throw throw with me. i will always make a very sad noise and ke lian noise to my mommie. then she will always come and play with me. [:

tadah, the carrot in my mouth. saw? this is wad i always do. [: so mommie has no choice, but to play with me.

okay, i promise i will be back derhs [: hahas. here i'm! later mommie wanna bring me down for a walk. but then i dono whether i wanna go down and run anot. cos everytime, mommie will bring me down the stair and up the stair, and i will always be so TIRED. and i will lie on the floor for awhile. but mommie don like me to be on the floor. she will always beat my butt or scold me. ]: so EVIL! hmmm. now, i'm going to slp. *yawn* cos i have juz eaten my lunch whic makes me feel tired.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 dec, 2:30 PM
sorrie, there will be no photo for today. because mommie is not free for today and tmr. because she have a upcoming final year exam for piano this thursday and she is preparing for it. so today and tmr, there will not be anyone blogging for me lerhs ]: will update on thursday or friday ]: SORRIE PAWPAL!

Monday, December 8, 2008

8 dec, 10;22 pm
woof woof! see how cute i'm? [: mommie took this photo for me ytd night when i was slping. {:
today there will only be one photo of me, because mommie went for her movie together with daddie. and they watch beverly hill chiwawa. i also wanna watch! but sadly, they left me alone at home. i was so lonely and bored alright. no one to play with me!]: so i come blog and nag abt this thing! how can they leave me alone at home? they are so evil alright?! but at least when mommie came home, she make a wonderful dinner for me, which is CARROT! but mommie lazie to take pic of it. LAZY MOMMIE! alright, i guess is almost time for me to go slp as i have juz finish my dinner, and mommie was doingq her things. ]: POOR ME!!!! no one to play with. ]: sad!

7 dec, 1:43 PM

since is early in the morning, and mommie got nth to do at home, so i asked her to help me blog. [: okay, mommie bath me in the morning. and i don like it. cos I HATE BATHING. still as the same, i run about and mommie got to chase after me. bath already, then mommie dry me up. but I HATE IT, so i started to run around and around, and bite my mommie, so mommie lock me up in the cage like this. ]:

sad right? mommie so evil! ]: make me feel so sad lorhs. how can she lock me up nehs? another ting she lock me up is because ... ... .... .... ....

saw the pic at the top? that the another reason. i bite the wooden chair still like this. [:

okay, i shall blog till here, cos everytime, after my lunch or dinner, i will ask mommie to play throw throw with me, if not, i will whin like nobody business. so i'm whinning now, and mommie bu ta han liaos. hahas. byebye my pawfren [:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

this are some of my pic. [; mommie took those pic for me. this are some photo during the trip to dog farm [: look at me! my hair is shaved off ]: but is growing lerhs. mommie says, she will be bringing me to the dog farm soon. *HAPPY* but sometimes, i'm afraid of BIG dog. i will as my mommie to take more of my photo and show you all. [:

Hello every doggies. [: my new blog! nice nice?