Monday, December 29, 2008

see, how bald i'm now ]: am i awful?
a backview of me chewing my favvourite milk bone [:

demostrate how i hold my boney. cute?hahas

see how i chew my bone. is it abit disgusting?

i continue to chew and chew and chew [:

continue to chew again. non stop.

chew till i have fall asleep [: and i slept with my milk bone [:

hello all my pawpal! how have you all been? anyone miss milky? *woof woof.* ytd mommie brought me to pasir ris pet farm again. saw alot of Schnauzer there. and husky and corgi and shih tzu and alot more. but i kept on sticking to mommie, cos i'm scared. i keep on paw-ing mommie's leg, to ask her and carry me up. cos i don wan to stay on the floor as i'm so scared till my legs are shivering. [mommie: milky is a scary cat! [:] mommie keep on saying i'm a scary cat. sobs sobs! any of my pawpal go pasir ris pet farm nehs? *woof woof* find one day, you may meet milky there. wahahahas. [: see you all soon. and oh yahs, there is this person name brana, and her dog look so alike like me. hahas. [: we look like twin[: is so alike, i tell you [:

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