Wednesday, December 17, 2008

17 dec,2:4o PM
milky: ma, can stop taking picture of me? i know i'm cute, but you can don keep taking with me derhs mahs right? and horhs, i don like taking photo, stop forcing me to take can?
milky: ma, I SAY STOP TAKING PHOTOS CAN? i angry liaos okay. you still take, i don wan friend you liaos horhs ]: take that cam away frm me!!!!!!

milky: okay, I"M ANGRY LIAOS! told you not to take, you still take. and you didnt even comb my hair nicely for me, and still wan take a pic liddat. how can you? ANGRY!
okay, ma say that she will take a photo of me later. because i might be going grooming later, if the groomer still got time. cos ma say, there a bug on my body, ma is scared. so no choice lorhs. and i hate grooming can? see the scissor and the shaver, so sharp and i'm so scared. and some big big dog! SCARED!

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