Monday, December 8, 2008

7 dec, 1:43 PM

since is early in the morning, and mommie got nth to do at home, so i asked her to help me blog. [: okay, mommie bath me in the morning. and i don like it. cos I HATE BATHING. still as the same, i run about and mommie got to chase after me. bath already, then mommie dry me up. but I HATE IT, so i started to run around and around, and bite my mommie, so mommie lock me up in the cage like this. ]:

sad right? mommie so evil! ]: make me feel so sad lorhs. how can she lock me up nehs? another ting she lock me up is because ... ... .... .... ....

saw the pic at the top? that the another reason. i bite the wooden chair still like this. [:

okay, i shall blog till here, cos everytime, after my lunch or dinner, i will ask mommie to play throw throw with me, if not, i will whin like nobody business. so i'm whinning now, and mommie bu ta han liaos. hahas. byebye my pawfren [:

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