Monday, December 8, 2008

8 dec, 10;22 pm
woof woof! see how cute i'm? [: mommie took this photo for me ytd night when i was slping. {:
today there will only be one photo of me, because mommie went for her movie together with daddie. and they watch beverly hill chiwawa. i also wanna watch! but sadly, they left me alone at home. i was so lonely and bored alright. no one to play with me!]: so i come blog and nag abt this thing! how can they leave me alone at home? they are so evil alright?! but at least when mommie came home, she make a wonderful dinner for me, which is CARROT! but mommie lazie to take pic of it. LAZY MOMMIE! alright, i guess is almost time for me to go slp as i have juz finish my dinner, and mommie was doingq her things. ]: POOR ME!!!! no one to play with. ]: sad!

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