Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 dec, 3:08 PM
see my belly. big anot? i'm so fat becuase mommie always feed me so much. she always feed me carrot!
saw that small little ball there? i'm afraid of it.

so i tried to go near the small ball and smell see wad it is. and i trid to use my paw and touch it.

see my innocent face? [: i knw i'm innocent, cos everytime, i does the wrong thingq, i will show mommie this face. then she wont scold me when i do the wrong thingqs or even beat me [:

i love lying flat flat on the floor to. vodka also loves this posture too right? [: hahas. and also saw my fats? hahas.

lying on the floor and eating. this is what i love to do everytime, but mommie will scold me for it.

*snif snif* where is my carrot? i'm smelling to find my carrot. ]:

everytime, after my lunch or dinner, i will definately bug moomie to play throw throw with me. i will always make a very sad noise and ke lian noise to my mommie. then she will always come and play with me. [:

tadah, the carrot in my mouth. saw? this is wad i always do. [: so mommie has no choice, but to play with me.

okay, i promise i will be back derhs [: hahas. here i'm! later mommie wanna bring me down for a walk. but then i dono whether i wanna go down and run anot. cos everytime, mommie will bring me down the stair and up the stair, and i will always be so TIRED. and i will lie on the floor for awhile. but mommie don like me to be on the floor. she will always beat my butt or scold me. ]: so EVIL! hmmm. now, i'm going to slp. *yawn* cos i have juz eaten my lunch whic makes me feel tired.

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