Friday, January 30, 2009

hello people. [: i'm back [; my fur has grown.
see, i'm being muzzle by my hooman. arent them so evil? ];
look how sad am i? totally don have the mood to play with them lerhs];

okay. HAPPY NIU YEAR TO ALL MY PAWPAL [: and i'm finally back to blogging liaos. [: okay, i'm being muzzle because of mommie applying the tick medicine for me ]; but, my tick condition is almost alright already [: no worries [: thanks to chevro mommie [; thanks for ur advice. [: erm. sorry for not reply urs tag, cos my mommie have just come to check my blog only. so i reply to all my pawpal here [:
vodka: happy NIU year to you too [: and stay cute and bubbly [:
saltee & vinnie: happy NIU year to you all too [; stay cute and pretty vinnie [: hehes. and hope you collect alot of ang pow from ur family [:
takara pet: hey hey, i hope you a happy new year too. may ur business wang wang. [:

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