Saturday, March 28, 2009

a blur blur picture of me . as my mommie dono how to take a pic of me ! and she took it so ugly . wad a lousy photographer are you .
i just woke up from my slp . and i ignore my ma too . cos today she went to pet farm without me ! and came home without any picture ! and when she came home her hand is full of doggy smell ! hmph !
[ma : hahas . milky is jealous cos he cant go to dog farm today (: ]
[milky : i'm not jealous k ! and you are so bad , leave me alone at home and you go enjoy !]
[ma : is for ur own good k ! if not later you came home with tick again .]

poor me ): hahas . can you all see my sad sad face ? ):
this is the new wet food my ma bought for me ! and is so nice and i love it . this is WISH BONE ! and is consist of REAL meat chunk , GRAIN FREE , and is ALL natural ! nice nice . and yum yum . hahas . no matter how evil my mom is , she still dotes me alot ! wahahahas ! hmm . my doggy friend , you can try this canned food ! is very very very nice ! after eating , i still wish that i have another bowl for it ): *licks !* but ma say i too fat lerhs .

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