Wednesday, March 11, 2009

alright. (: i'm back here again . (: hehes . is milky here blogging . mommie is busy with her work training and had no time for me for some time being . but she said , she will buy me alot of treats and toys once she get her pay ! hahas ! i'm so happy ! (: [mommie : ehs , milky , don so hao lian here alright and don pin so high hope as you are so naughty alright ! (: ] that evil mom of mine ): oh yahs , mommie wanted to upload some pic on my blog , but then she dono how to import those picture from her new LG phone . anyone wanna help her pls ? if not my blog will be so wordy with all my mom complaint and nag -.- ppls , pls help my mommie ! (: thanks you ! hehes !

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