Wednesday, July 15, 2009

that me , in the middle of the night =X does it look scary O_O
ehs , sorry for my mommy fatty leg =X Oh my , she gonna kill me for saying she have fatty leg =X I love lying down on my mommy legs . it seem like cushion to me . does my pawpal think so too ? (: hehes .
mommy spotted me eating my treats on my mommy's daddy army socks =X Opps . But , i didnt get scolded . hehes . =X
HEY ! I'm back ! does anyone misses me ? hehes . mommy say my skin is getting better . but still , there is still some dead skin on my body . Oh yahs , SANTA , my mommy doesnt know which apple cider vinegar to buy . Can you pls tell my dumb dumb mommy more detail . Hehes . (:


Diana said...

Yeah, we miss you!! I'm sure those legs are like cushion...I love human laps too!!

Better still if you can get those organic ones. Go to any organic shops and ask the sales assistant to show you. Get those unfiltered ones, seems that it works better, though it's a bit more expensive.

I have pictures of the apple cider vinegar in my blog. That's a common brand and I'm sure you can get it from any supermarkets there. Ask the sales assistant to show you.

- Santa

VALERIE♥ said...

Thanks ! Hehes . I miss minnie . Upload more pic about her . (: