Friday, October 2, 2009

Hello PAWPAL ! I'M BACK ! :D Look at my lying so comfortable in the middle of the mattress :D
Pawpal , does you all like to lie on the mattress like me ?
*YAWN !* Mommy , milky is tired ):

Opps , mom spotted me biting my paws =X

Look at my messy fur . Mommy , why didnt you brush for me ?
Did i see Pretty girl there ? :D
Hello pawpal ! I'm back :D Hehes . Sorry for the lateness , because mommy is working . And she doesnt really have time to blog for me . Sorry Pawpal . Hope you can understand my mommy . Nowaday, i have seldom of walk as mommy started working . ): But still , i didnt get angry with her . Because she bought treats for me ! CHEERS ! :D Hehes . anyone misses me ? :D

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Emma and Emmy said...

Our family are very busy,too. So, we understand how you feel.