Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hmm . let me post some of milky small time photo (: milky is with me since he was 3 mths old . he was a tiny little blackie dog (: and he is so adorable . he is a stubborn dog which wanna to do everything by his own way , including now . i still remember the first time he step in to my hse . he was so insecure . he whinned in the middle of the night and makes everyone wake up and look after him . he always love to sleep . and he love ppl to cuddle him too . (: i miss the old him . seeing him grow up , i feel so happy . but now , he totally change . he turn to be more sensible already (: and i'm happy too . (: he is a very pampered dog . which my mom always said that i have spoilt him (: but , he is my joy . (: he is like a baby of mine (: scroll down and see his photos (: look , how much he have grown (:

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