Friday, June 26, 2009

alright . The post is full of words . (: cos my mummy's hp has send to service . So no photos taken ): This few days , weather had turn abit cooler during the night . so i will try to make myself warm . I heard mommy coversation with her sister saying that i'm cute and a goodboy . (: HEHES . THANKS MOM ! I knw i'm a good boy (: [MOMMIE: Every night , when i went to check on milky , to check whether is he slping . so when i went to check , i saw milky slping in his own cage ! so suprise , and closing the cage door by himself . Is so suprising and also adorable . (: ] Hehes , mummy praise me again ! (: she hasnt praise me for long time ago lerhs (: hehes .

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