Monday, June 1, 2009

a grumpy look of me (-''-)
a blur pic of me (:
a tired look of me (:
a daydreaming pic of me . (: mommy say i look fat in this pic !
hey PAWPAL ! i'm back ! sorry for the dark photos . cos my mom phone is crazy ! wahahas . i have been lazing at home for this few days . eating and sleeping turn to be my hobbies ! hahas . oh yahs , my mom bought me a shoe , but i doesnt like to wear . cos i feel so umcomfortable . mommy will take a pic of my shoe soon ! hehes . heard my mom say she wanna shave me botak . BOTAK !? i will sure look ugly for sure . but then she dono wanna shave me botak anot cos i have matted fur . so , pawpal , do you think i should be botak ? ):


Checkers said...

a good groomer can get the mats out without a close shave - I'm always a knotted mess and Doug manages to get it out - You don't look fat - you're just healthy

VALERIE♥ said...

but my groomer say , must shave milky . but , i don wanna my milky to go bald . cos he will feel sad if he is bald .