Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this is how milky look before grooming . and after

tadah ! this is the new milky . [MILKY : look how bald am i ): am i ugly ? ]

MILKY : look wad mummy did to my fur ! i miss my fur ! ):

the grumpy milky .

ehs . look at my bald body . isnt it sassy ? ):

think i shall hide my head . cos i'm ugly . ):
today my mom brought me to grooming . and this is the outcome . and i feel so weird without my fur . i miss my fur norhs ! MUMMY , HOW CAN YOU DID THIS TO ME ?! ): [MUMMY : is for your own good , my dear ] look at me . so pathetic . sobs sobs ! do i look really ugly ? will my pawpal still love me since i'm so bald ? ):


Diana said...

Not to worry, Milky, you look clean and neat and I am sure you will feel cooler too as the heat these days is terrible.

Checkers said...

milky - you need to have my dad go with you - he refuses to let them do that to me -

VALERIE♥ said...

): i feel so weird without my fur . mum say i will be cooler like that . ):