Sunday, August 2, 2009

can you all see my sad sad face ? look at my mommy ! see wad she did to me ! put me on the chair ! does it look like a puppy face or puppy eyes ? mommy , can i have come treats ? *innocent face *
but then , i think is alright sitting on the chair , looking innocently at mommy hehes . cos.... ... look below :D
there is a fan infront of me . and i'm enjoying the wind !
so here i'm trying to find a good spot to lie on , but then , the chair surface is too small .
so i move here and there . so this picture is blur ! hahas .
HELLO ! i'm back again ! see wad my mommy did ? she put me high up on the chair beside here , cos i was barking and barking . so she put me there . but then , she put infront of the fan , which make me enjoy it alot ! :D Pawpal , does you all enjoy the fan ? :D mommy say the pimple like substance is still at my lips there. but just that , it is just abit smaller . abit only . ): when will it get better? but then , i don feel any pain there . that's weird . i'm so afraid of pain , but that doesnt hurt . hmm .. .. YAWN ! alright . i'm tired . i going to bed now ! :D GOODNIGHT PAWPAL !


Checkers said...

i sit up on chairs all the time - it's not so bad - don't be scared

VALERIE♥ said...

my mommy always leave me on the chair . is so high ! ): they are so evil !

(( SKY )) said...

I sometimes leave my furball on the chair, not because she's barking, I just want her to stay in place when I am doing something like cleaning.

VALERIE♥ said...

hahas . sometimes , i doesnt that too . but milky doesnt seem to like it . he will bark and whine for me to carry his down . :D