Tuesday, August 11, 2009

this is me , after my basic grooming ! :D do i look more neater now ?

and that is my paw , and also my mommy favourite . ;D does my paw look neater too ? :D

can you spot where am i ? :D i'm hiding my face away from the camera and show mommy my new sexy butt ! :D hehes !

after grooming , i started to "chew" my paw . i lick here lick there . and i got scolded from mommy . ):

after getting scolded from mommy , i don bite my paw anymore , i change to lick my private areas . but then , i still get scolded . i got no idea why too ):
but then , i ignore and continue , till mommy whack my butt so hard . ): my mommy is so evil , right ? ):
alright . i'm back again ! hehes . anyone misses me ? :D oh yahs , pawpal , if your blogger cant upload any photos or having problem , you may try pressing Ctrl and F5 tgt . it helps . :D cos my mommy also try this , and here i'm :D hmm . back from grooming . and mommy bought me treats ! she bought me a small ball ball . is so nice ! mommy , can i have one more ? pls ! ):

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