Thursday, August 20, 2009

this is how i look whenever i goes out for a walk . mommy will always carry me up to wash my leg , and i will use it to drink water . :D pal , did you also tried drinking water from the tap ? :D
this is me , walking walking :D with my PINK collar and PINK leech . :D but mommy , i'm a boy , aint it suppose to be blue ?
me enjoying the cool wind . does you all enjoy it too . ? :D

mommy , where are you ? i miss you ! ):
MOMMY !!!! ):
alright . I'm back ! sorry that those photos are without my face . my mommy is a poor photographer . cant blame her =X [MOMMY : Milky , you wan die arhs ! No treats for you ! ]
but , mommy , is true wad . ): I WANT TREATS ! SORRY MOMMY ! ): hmm . mommy is busy this few days . but still , mommy bought me a new toys , and a new PINK bowl for my food :D I like the toys ! thanks mommy . but mommy , why is all my toys and bowl is in pink ? am i a girl ? O_O


(( SKY )) said...

I would put my furball in the tub to wash her paws, she does lick the water at times.

Checkers said...

i never drank water out of a spout