Wednesday, May 13, 2009

alright . here is milky , after his grooming . doesnt he look like a bear ? (: hahas . there will only be 1 photo cos there is some problem with my USB cable and my phone -.- i will try my best to put more photo . (: oh yahs , milky have a serious matted fur . but then i don wanna shave milky botak . his groomer say that if milky fur still get more serious , he needs to be shave botak ): any other way ? anyone can give me some opinon ? ):


me said...

Oh, Milky sure looks like a bear!! Do you brush Milky everyday? I brush Santa everyday...Hope to see more pictures of Milky.

- Diana

♥玮倩 said...

Milky is getting more adorable!!! *giggles, i agree with santa! comb milky daily to prevent the fur for matting, or else you could cut off the matted fur? only if its not so serious ...hope it helps.

best regards