Thursday, May 7, 2009

now you see my smile (: hehes .
now you dont . ):
and now you see my tired and smiley face (:
guess , why suddenly i so alert and smiling so happily ?
still staring at it (:
the answer is ... ... ...

his paw paw cookie ! (:
milky is now "consider" a good boy . but then he very greedy . everything also wanna eat . -.- i just cook him a chicken and carrot plus kibble meal for him . and he is so happy . forgotten to take a pic of his meal . after he finish eating , he ask for more -.- wad a greedy pig is he . then after eating , he lie totally flat on the floor and slp .doesnt it sound like a pig ? and milky is a scardy cat !!!! hahas . cos when he see cockroaches , he will run away and bark for help ! (: and he is going for his basic grooming soon as i cant see his eyes . (:

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me said...

Milky is such a cutie. He really doesn't look like a silky terrier except for his colour. Can't wait to see his new look after his grooming.

- Santa & Minnie