Sunday, May 3, 2009

whenever i miss you , i will look out the window and see whether i will get a chance to meet you . sounds emo ? (:
look at my sleepy and tired face ): can stop taking photo when i'm slping ): you are disturbing my BEAUTY HANDSOME slp (:

another photos of me slping -.- mom , i told you not to take photos while i'm slping ?!
tadah ! (: not knowing wad happen -.-
this is how milky beg for food from my mom -.- do you think it will success ? -.-

giving a [tam jiak= mean greddy in hokkien (:] face . -.-
alright , sorry people for the lack of post . cos i'm figuring out how to make the comment on the new blog skin , and it seem to be a failure -.- anyone wanna help me make a blog skin ? =X hahas . this few days , milky kept on slping and slping like a pig . -.- eat , slp , eat , slp is wad he does , so he look fat now !


Santa said...

Hi Milky, I like your first picture, looking out of the window...looks like you are on a train...

Shopping is Love said...

me too! i love your first photo, really nice!

best regards