Thursday, May 21, 2009

BOO ! i'm back (: miss me ? (:
hehes , smiling to the cam !
another pic for me . mommie use my favourite ball ball to make me stare at the cam happily -.-

BLEAH to my mommie ! (:
so i look emo here ? my mom thinks that i look emo ):

and this is me after 1 hrs of walk downstair . i'm so tired (:
few more hours to go to my 1 YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY ! my first birthday . YEEPEE ! mommie , my PRESENT !? (: don knw whether she remember my birthday anot . (: mommie mommie , i wan treats ! more treats ! (: hehes . as i promise i will update my bloggie (: here is a few pic of me taken by my mommie ! (: hehes , look at the first few pic , i look so happy ! cos my birthday is coming ! YEA ! and i'm not a puppy anymore . turning adult dog . or maybe teenage dog ? hehes (:


♥玮倩 said...

Hello Milky,

wishing you a Happy Barkday in advance! Hope you get many treats and presents!!!

best regards

VALERIE♥ said...

hehes . thanks ! (:

Checkers said...

Happy Birthday milkie!

Diana said...

Hey, Milky, Happy Birthday!! I'm sure you'll get lots of treats on your special day. You look great in those pictures.

Santa & Minnie